The Next Generation Bed Liner

Top Liner is the most advanced bed liner available and the latest formula from Claudio Burtin, the creator of LineX and Bullet Liner.

Top Liner
The Rebirth Of An Industry

Since creating the industry standard with high-pressure spray in bedliner, Claudio Burtin gives the industry a rebirth with this latest offering yet with Top Liner.

Spending just as much time in the spray booth as in the lab, Claudio not only developed Top Liner to be the best product on the market but also be the easiest product to apply. Top Liner is the newest and most advanced bedliner on the market.

Skip The Middle Man
Go Straight To The Source

You can now buy the best bed liner on the market directly from the OE manufacturer. You get the peace of mind going to the source.

Applicators Created

Years Creating an Industry

Square Feet of Manufacturing

We go beyond bed liner

From bed liners to military applications, Top Liner is the most innovative protection for whatever you can dream of.

Warranty beyond the end of time

You have the confidence that we stand by every bed liner we install. With decades of experience, the next bed liner you buy will be when you get a new truck.

OE Providers

Aftermarket Installers

Top Liner